Wednesday, August 29, 2018

INTERLAND cybersmart game

Hi there blog world! Today I'm writing about Interland. For the last few weeks, year 6s have been playing Interland. Interland is about how to keep cyberbully's away. One of the island on interland is kind kingdom it is about being kind to other people and sharing to other people. Another island on interland is tower of treasure, tower of treasure is about keeping your password save from people trying to hack you. On tower of treasure your have to chose what is `the best password to keep the cyberbully's away from hacking. One more island on interland was mindful mountain. I like this  land because it is about Reality river is about what is the right answer to pick if a tab or a app gives you a question.

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  1. Hi Calai, it's Noah from your class. This was a really cool task I love Interland it is such a cool game. Next time maybe you could try to add more info about the game (what do you do?). Come check out my blog at


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