Wednesday, August 29, 2018

INTERLAND cybersmart game

Hi there blog world! Today I'm writing about Interland. For the last few weeks, year 6s have been playing Interland. Interland is about how to keep cyberbully's away. One of the island on interland is kind kingdom it is about being kind to other people and sharing to other people. Another island on interland is tower of treasure, tower of treasure is about keeping your password save from people trying to hack you. On tower of treasure your have to chose what is `the best password to keep the cyberbully's away from hacking. One more island on interland was mindful mountain. I like this  land because it is about Reality river is about what is the right answer to pick if a tab or a app gives you a question.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

New playgrounds

Hi there blog world! Last week Thursday we had an opening ceremomy for our new playground. Something I liked about the playground was that it's much bigger then our old one. The other reason was it was so fun to play on it. Before we went onto the playground we had a friends dad that came and opened it, then we had the school kapa haka group come up a sing songs. we had to take a buddy with us on the playground. 

Our super fast slide

Our whole new park

Our kapa haka group


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Our Zoo Trip

Blogging About The Zoo

WALT Report, Recount and Reflect

When: Last week Thursday week 7 Term 2 

Where: At the Auckland zoo near western springs.

What: We went to the zoo to go look at some animals

Why: To see the animals and see how they were prettied from pest like dogs cat and much more.

Who: The seniors went to the zoo with a guide parent from Te Wako Ako. 

How: We travelled on a double Decker  bus some people at the top and some people at the bottom.

At the zoo I liked the bit were the tiger was roaring to the other tiger in the other cage.

The second thing I liked about the zoo was to see the elephants because they would go to water hole get some water a spray it all over the back.

The three thing I liked about the zoo is when I sore the cheaters sitting down under the shade.

I fleet bored about the zoo because we didn't get to see all of the animals.


Friday, June 15, 2018


Hi there blog world! Two weeks ago we had to pick a native bird that was on Tiritiri matangi for our art. After we picked a native bird the class went on a google drawing. On the google drawing we had to find a photo of the native bird and crop it  onto the page. When we had our photo we went on scribble line and followed the outline of the bird. Some people were even drawing in their books because it was hard to control the line. When we were up to our good copy, it was even harder for me because we had to draw the bird bigger. When we were done drawing our bird, we had to rule out lines on the bird. When I started my bird I used about 6 - 7 colours. The colours used were green, yellow, light blue, red, orange, brown and white. One thing I liked about my bird was when we got to paint inside it. One thing I would change is my bird's tail. 


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tiritiri matangi

Hi there blog world! On Thursday we went to Tiritiri matangi. only the Te wako ako went to Tiritiri matangi went. The hole Te wako ako had to be at school by 07:30 am in the morning. We had to hop on the bus and drive to the fairy it took use about 1 hour just to get to the fairy. When we arrived to at the spot we had to hop on the fairy we had to wait for a wile just for the boat to get here. Before we hop o the boat we had to clean our shoes before we hoped onto the boat because they don't like dirt on there island. On the boat we had to go to the golf haber before we went to Tiritiri matangi. when we got to the island we went in to groups and then went to go find some birds. There were lost of birds like fantail,pukeko,tui,morepork and much more.


I think that the the island was really fun because we got to learn about animals, and see lost of bird you're haven't before.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

My Granddad marchers

Hi there blog world! This week we have been learning information reading books and discussing Anzac day. We read a book about a little girl how woke up early to go to a Anzac parades to see her grandpa.  In class we were talking about why Anzac day was so in important. Anzac day is in
important because people went to war to support their countries.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Easter holiday

Hi there blog world! On Easter holiday I was at home. My older brother came over to see use he lives in the east Auckland. He came over with four box's of chocolate. After he left we when to our nanny's house to visit. The next day we went to our brothers house and played on there play-PlayStation 4 we where playing gta 5 and car race i was beating torian from miles. In gta 5 we had to do lots of to do some much things that i got bored of it and played out side.